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Essential of Islamic Knowledge Course (EIK)


The Islamic Association of Arabi Masjid Yaseen, Garland is pleased to announce that the Essential of Islamic Knowledge Course is now being offered to the brothers of the community. It is indeed a blessing of Allah Ta’ala that such opportunities are now available locally. Otherwise, many had to travel far distances to attain the knowledge of Deen.

Hereunder is the course description and Fees:

  • This will be a 2 year comprehensive course which will include the study of:
    1. Tafseer
    2. Tajweed
    3. Seerah
    4. Aqeedah
    5. Hadeeth
    6. Fiqh
    7. Duaa Masnoon
  • This course will be taught by qualified authentic scholars.
  • The classes will be held the first and second Saturdays of every month from 2:30pm – 4:30pm.

The registration is $25, Book fees are $150, and the monthly tuition is $75.