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After School Maktab Program

The after-school Quran & Islamic studies classes have been a vital part of Muslim education throughout history. They serve to preserve and protect the faith of our children and give them the opportunity to learn the essentials of Quran recitation, memorize, and Islamic etiquette.

For many children, these classes are the only opportunity they have to learn about Islam. It is critical for the parents to ensure their children receive a daily Islamic education.

Maktab Curriculum (Six year course)

First Year

Qaaida Rules of Tajweed
Memorization Soorah’s:    Al-Fatihah,   Al-Ikhlaas,   Al-Nasr,   Al-Kauser,   Al-‘Asr
Deeniyaat Tasheel Level 3

Second Year

Naazira Juz – e – Amma  (30th Juz)
Memorization Soorah’s:    An-Naas,   Al-Falaq, Lahab,   Al-Kafiroon,   Al-Ma’oon,  Al-Quraysh,  Al-Feel
Deeniyaat Tasheel Level 4

Third Year

Naazira Juz 1-3   (Half a page daily)
Memorization Soorah’s:   Al-Humaza,  Al-Takaathur,  Al-Qariah,  Al-Aadiyaat,  Al-Zilzaal, Al-Qadr,
Al-Teen,  Al-Inshiraah,  Al-Doha
Deeniyaat Tasheel Level 5

Fourth Year

Naazira Juz 4-9   (One page daily)
Memorization Soorah’s:   Al-Mulk,   First half of Soorah-e-Yaseen,   Ayatul Kursi
Deeniyaat Tasheel Level 6

Fifth Year

Naazira Juz 10-18  (One and a half page daily)
Memorization Soorah’s:   Waaqiah, Second half of Soorah-e-Yaseen
Deeniyaat Tasheel Level 7

Sixth Year

Naazira Juz 19-30  (Two pages daily)
Memorization Revision of all previous soorah’s.
Deeniyaat Tasheel Level 8